I’m balding and overweight with poor eyesight.  But, through hard work and determination, I’ve gotten incredibly lucky.  I am fortunate enough to spend my life with the three most exceptional people alive, Chaela, Clover, & Saturn, and a fistful of funny, feisty, and fairly odd furries.  I’m in sales, so I talk too much (and so do you).  Also, I like using punctuation.

I would like the word “curator” to appear after my name.

Wish Skulls (skulls i’d like to own):
Giraffe Skull (though I’d settle for camel)
Hyrax Skull (they’re the closest related animal to elephants, and i don’t want a damn elephant skull, crazy!)
Shrew Skull
Crabeater Seal Skull
Numb Skull
Your Skull

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